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Road to (Im)perfection

Start using your perfectionist mind to help you move forward as a leader and human.

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How often have you not taken action or spoken up because you did not think you were ready or it wasn't perfect yet? Or perhaps you've stopped someone else in their tracks because you thought they weren't quite perfect yet? PERFECTIONISM affects most of us humans. And its roots lie deep in our tendency to compare everything. Perfectionism is not altogether bad. It can help you to achieve higher levels of performance and more innovative outcomes. It can produce almost unimaginable beauty. However it becomes a problem in leadership and in living a balanced life if it prevents you from raising your level of performance. If it hinders you from showing up in the best possible way to help yourself and others live a better and healthier life. ROAD TO (IM)PERFECTION is a powerful and transformative seven week group program to ↳Uncover and discover your perfectionist tendencies ↳How they are both assisting you yet simultaneously slowing you down ↳How to rearrange your beliefs around perfectionism and move forward in your life WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU ↳Make faster and better decisions ↳Experience less stress on a daily basis ↳Increase your performance and productivity ↳Laugh more and have a more positive influence on others ↳Find more joy and a better balance in life inside and outside of business BONUS: Increase your outcome and results at work, as a leader, at home and in your business. The Road is simple. 7 Topics 7 Weeks 7 Live Calls 2 Guest Speakers Weekly Workbooks and Assignments Accountability and Peer Support - Powerful Connections Guaranteed Challenges, Insights, Transformation and Fun. This is Leadership Development at a different level. This is an Aventure with (life) long lasting effects ... on you and those around you. Buckle up and get ready - Let's hit the Road!

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Please make all cancellations (1:1 calls only) or reschedule (1:1 calls only) at least 24 hours before your appointment. No refund for Group Coaching Programs paid in advance.

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