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Paula held a mini-workshop on stress management and burnout prevention for our team. She gave us theoretical but also practical tools to cope with our stressful everyday life, not only professionally but also privately. She rounded it all off with her personal stories and her valuable experiences. She knows how to captivate the group and we were able to benefit greatly. I can recommend Paula to any company that wants to sensitize its employees to this topic. Thank you Paula!

Julia Baur, emonitor, St. Gallen, Switzerland

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Dear Paula,


We hope this message finds you in great spirits.


We’re writing to express our deepest gratitude for your outstanding contribution to EmpowerX 2023. Your insights, expertise, and passion not only elevated the event but also inspired and empowered our attendees in profound ways. Your session was a highlight, sparking engaging discussions and enriching the knowledge of everyone present.


We are delighted to share with you the Certificate of Appreciation for your invaluable contribution to our summit. This certificate is a testament to your expertise and the significant impact you made on our audience. 


Once again, thank you for being an essential part of EmpowerX 2023. Your dedication and knowledge have left a lasting impression, making our event a tremendous success.


We truly value your association with us, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating again in the future.


Warmest regards,


EmpowerX 2023 Team

Fuzia Talent, Fuzia

Paula was the Keynote Speaker for the closing session of the three day Summit

October 2023

Leaping Dancer

Hi Paula. I’m the mom of  Veronica. I just want to tell you how much you helped her. The year she became a flagship member I was living with a very moody and often depressed girl. I tried many ways to help but tried not to push or pressure her. I think I’m a good, attentive mom, but I wasn’t successful. Once she started working with you I noticed a rapid change for the better. Again, thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing because it matters!

September 2022

Online meeting

Working with you helped me trust and believe in myself during the audition. I'm proud that I went to it (the audition), and just put myself out there and tried my best.

Emma, January 2022

T.I.M Testimonials

Julie is a client, who participated in my very first online workshop "My Time to Shine" in January 2022, and continued with the 6 Week Confidence Challenge. She's a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. A wonderful human being. Thank you.

Yes!! The 6 week confidence challenge has allowed me to feel confident in the way I dance and that part of me wouldn’t have shown through if it weren’t for you, Paula!! The tasks in the program have also helped to significantly decrease my anxiety and panic attacks, and now I feel more me tally prepared for my professional career. Again, thank you so much for everything.

Veronica, May 2022

The 6-week challenge is giving me what I want. It’s changing my thinking. It’s changing everything about me. I’m really enjoying the course. It’s giving me more ideas and more views on what I think and see things. I really love the course. The lectures, my God, are really good.
It’s helping me a lot. It’s changing everything.

Segun, Febuary 2022


I feel hopeful that I will be able to achieve my goals. I feel more in control of my emotions and now I have tools to help me. Since the start of the program, I have laughed more and take myself less seriously. These tools help me feel more internally balanced and ready for my day.

Now I am able to focus on enjoying the way I feel when I dance, and not just how I look and execute the steps. Since the start of this program, I have noticed a general increase in my happiness.

Veronica, July 2021

I started my journey with the TIM This Is Me app and programs at the beginning of June 2021 with a six-week program monitored and led by Paula Naeff. She had told me about the program before and being a young dancer who struggles with confidence and self-acceptance I was very excited to see where this would lead me. The weekly tasks and lessons were the perfect length so that they could easily be worked into my daily schedule. They were perfectly tailored to my needs as an aspiring young dancer and very fun and interesting to complete… Once I finished the six week program I continued my journey with the program Including the in-app “Keep at it" weekly subscription. 

Alicia, August 2021

Learning how to reflect about myself more stuck with me and applying reflections and thoughts during the challenge to real life. Open mind, perspectives, reflecting. The TIM This Is Me Mentoring program has been so valuable and is what makes our Pre Professional Program different and better than all others.

The daily activity was very helpful to think deeper and allow time for yourself to reflect sometimes finding time during the day to do the challenge can be hard but when you do find that time it is worth it and relaxes you and your mind in a way.

Anna, Jnauary 2022

Carmelita and The R.O.Y.A.L. Dancers

after a 4 week virtual zoom workshop on Body Image and Confidence

May 2022

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