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Paula Naeff
Coach & Creator

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Paula is a powerful transformational coach in all facets of this expression. She has decades of life experience, a disciplined ballet background, she's a mother of two marvellous kids, high performer, pantomime clown, keynote speaker, former credit manager, a certified Business Coach and Consultant, certified Pilates instructor, leader, dance school administrator and a witness of many client transformations in her coaching career.
She is The Best in helping busy professionals and small business owners burst the burnout bubble and get clear, focused, more joyful and confident.

Now that’s enough of talking about myself in third person.


Let me tell you a story …

Once upon a time I did something great, something that took every bit of courage that I had and then some. I followed my heart and intuition. The biggest decision of my life was to stop living other people’s expectations, or what I assumed were their expectations. I left my marriage, decided to end my long battle with depression and become the absolute best version of myself - every day. I took charge of my life.

Growth comes from taking uncomfortable, brave action!

From that moment on the doors and windows were opened to all my talents and skills that I was either born with or acquired along the way to shine center stage and I started to truly live my purpose, which is to help others. I always wanted to be a coach and a motivational speaker and that's what I chose to do. I am truly serving my purpose and get goose bumps every time a client discovers an insight or shares how their transformation has caused people around them to transform.

As a deep listener and question asker - a coach - I draw energy and creativity from all big and small adventures that I have been blessed with so far. These adventures include leaving my home in Finland to hop over the Atlantic and attend a university in the United States, choosing to study fine arts next to a business degree, rafting down many wild rivers, climbing mountains and skiing down, learning Chinese and playing in the university soccer team during a semester in Hong Kong, building a credit control team at an outdoor company, completing a solo clowning project while pregnant with my first child, moving to Switzerland with three weeks’ notice, selling ice axes, dancing through the years and performing on various stages in many places, speaking in conferences and making people laugh, creating a confidence app as a gift to my younger self, when I was a young dancer and immersed in self doubt, realizing my dream of becoming a certified coach and consultant in August 2022, an entrepreneur, serving from my heart and having the privilege of witnessing true transformation at so many levels.

There are many more adventures that are all combined in who I am, how I serve and show up today. I am grateful for each and every one so far and all the ones that are yet to come.

With Love,

Coach Paula

I am The Best in helping busy professionals and small business owners burst the burnout bubble and get clear, focused, more joyful and confident.

I am here to serve you:

1:1 Coaching - Higher performance, faster results and growth as a human being and to increase your impact in the world. I'll be your guide and sounding board to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be - from who you are now to who you want to become.

Business Coaching & Consulting - Feel stuck with your business? The team is not working as expected? The results are not what you want? Let's have a conversation and make a plan of action. I'll help you and your team get unstuck and thrive.

Keynote speaker & Presentations - Fun, motivational and inspirational speaking, presentations and workshops to create a positive impact on your employees and team. This is a great way to talk about mental health and well-being without pointing fingers at individuals, who may feel like they are about to burn out.

Dancers’ Mental Strength - holistic and transformative mental strength programs for entire dance schools; including dancer confidence, empowering teachers, parent training and elevating school culture. This is my Heart Project.

App Contributers

Special thanks and respect to the following experts who have contributed to the content of T.I.M.
This is me - thank you!


Cinthia Labaronne

Ballet Teacher

International Ballet teacher.  Professeur de danse freeance. Former professional Ballerina. Teacher at Prix de Lausanne.


Lilly Wang

M.Sc. Psychology & Coach

Life and Business Coach with an international career in non-profit and corporate coaching. Masters of Science in Psychology. Expert in Law of Attraction.


Reetta Rönkkö

MD, Dance Kinesiologist

Dancer, Medical Doctor and Dance Kinesiologist. Speaker and presenter at IADMS and other international dance science conferences.


Fancesca Genovese

Nutritionist, Dancer

Dancer, Choreographer, trained Nutritionist.


Tommaso Pennachio


Physiotherapist for the Ballett Theater Basel. A dynamic, polyvalent, and multicultural ensemble in the International class, one of the leading contemporary dance groups in Europe.

TIM This Is Me is a member of IADMS
International Association for Dance Medicine and Science
Tuomas Hyvönen photo.png

Tuomas Hyvönen

Dancer & Physiotherapist

Dancer at Ballet Finland and Physiotherapist at Art Physio in Helsinki, Finland.

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