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Paula Naeff

Burnout Prevention

Clarity & Focus

I help busy professionals and parents burst the burnout bubble and reclaim full control over their life, energy & schedule without sacrificing Joy & Success.

Performance & Productivity Coach

Public Speaker

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Coaching Philosophy and Values


I serve powerfully and listen deeply, not only for the words that are spoken, but those that are unspoken: expressions, body movements, pauses and silent moments. As a curious person I pose questions to help discover what's behind the initial responses.

Expect to be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone and to explore sides of you as a human, parent, leader, colleague, team member, business owner that you might not have explored before. I work with all parts ... MIND, BODY and SOUL.

One conversation can change your life.

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Public Speaker

I am a passionate and uplifting speaker, who lights up any space and gets positive energy flowing. My specialty is presentations and simple interactive workshops on Burnout and Depression Prevention.

An online or in person workshop to help identify signs of burnout or depression and provide simple tools to help stop the burnout cycle is absolutely effective.

Here is an example of a recent online workshop on FOCUS.

This is what Julie Muskat said about the Focus Workshop:

"The Focus Workshop was exactly what I needed to start the year off: a chance to hone in on what is important to me and identify/develop specific tools to stay focused on my goals and values throughout the busy year.  Every workshop with Paula is a chance to learn something new, grow my 'toolkit,' meet wonderful people, and walk away feeling equipped, refreshed, and inspired!"


Six Key Elements of Confidence

Confidence is key in creating big visions and setting goals. Dreaming big. Courage is needed to start taking action that will lead into making your dreams reality. With Confidence you are better prepared to take uncomfortable and courageous action.


Growth happens from taking uncomfortable action!



We all have the power to decide and choose how we react or respond to external situations and other people. In order to truly take hold of this power it is important to create some distance between your inner self and the thoughts you produce in your mind. Journaling is a powerful tool to start creating that much needed distance and space. Change your perspective through writing things down!

Looking at the View


The practice of visualization gives you focus and clarity on not only what you want to aim for in life (short and long term), but through visualizing how you want to feel at some point in the future, after something you desire has actually taken place. You can start to enjoy the vision coming true already in the process of getting there. Find joy along the way. The essence of life is enjoying the entire journey.

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Practicing gratitude is like the magic pill to lift your spirits. It is truly a super power, which takes you from feeling down to instantly feeling lighter and more positive. We all have so many things to be grateful for each and every moment, and reminding ourselves of what we are grateful for is like removing the dark clouds blurring our vision sometimes.

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Forgiving yourself is comparable to letting go of burdens that you carry with you at all times, things from the past that you cannot change. It’s a process of allowing yourself to move on and making peace with yourself. Through forgiveness you make space for new positive experiences or lessons of growth in your heart and mind.

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Everything is energy! What type of energy do you bring to the table? The choice is yours and you have full control over the level of energy and the type of vibration you project from within in all situations. Realizing this power is step one and taking charge and control over your personal energy is next.

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Humor is the spice of life. Laughter and even a smile has the ability to change the energy in a space and lighten everyone up. Try just being silly or cracking a stupid joke and see the positive effects this has on you and everyone around. When was the last time you laughed at yourself? Those are the best times.


Recognizing your current place and state of being is the foundation for any change in any direction.


Envision simply means dreaming and knowing the desires of your heart, visualizing where you want to go and how you imagine yourself at a point in the future.


Shifting is taking concrete steps to change your perspective and taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions and emotions.


Transformation happens as you follow these steps … it is not necessarily an end result, but a gradual process that takes place throughout the REST process.

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REST Steps


I serve my clients so powerfully that new perspectives and true life changing positive transformation takes place.

Paula Naeff

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Modern Ballet Dancers

TIM Dancer Programs

Empower Your Dance Students and offer an even stronger Transformational Dance Education Program through integration of TIM This Is Me Confidence App / Workshops / Custom Designed Mental Strength Programs directly into Your Curriculum

Life coaching

One on One Coaching

Discover the power of Transformation through focused one on one coaching, get clear on your personal and career visions and goals and define steps to realize your dreams.

Motivational Speaker

Speaking & Presentations

If you are looking for a motivational, transformational and inspirational keynote or presentation on topics related to growth and visions book me for your next event or meeting.