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Confidence is Visible

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Imagine yourself dancing on THE stage you have always dreamed of dancing or with the people you have always wanted to share a stage with. This is your moment to shine and show what you have to offer to the other dancers and the audience. Congratulations!! You made your vision and dream come true.

Confidence is Visible Blog 1

Enjoy this vision and the feeling it projects within you.

How did that happen? What steps were necessary for you to find yourself living your dream?

First, you definitely had to put in the hours and years of hard work in the dance studio. Just as much as you trained your body over time to get to this level of dance you had to train your mind to such a level that nothing could stop you from reaching that dream. Continuous work on your mental power and therefore your confidence level shows up in how you dance and how others see you as a dancer and as a person overall. You project your confidence and the joy you feel while dancing!

How does that translate into confidence and joy?
“There is no point of perfection. Start working on your confidence skills now and follow your vision!

Finding joy is like the core strength in your body, which gives you ease and raises your confidence that gets projected into the world outside. And don’t forget to spot … keep your focus on your vision. Just as working on your technical dancing skills is never-ending, the same goes for your mental power.

Let me know how I can assist you on YOUR #thisisme #confidence #journey

Paula Naeff

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