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Mental Strength through Curiosity

“I have no special talent. I am just passionately curious” said Albert Einstein. 

Curiosity opens up the avenues to discover and encounter solutions. Solutions that are mostly directly in front of you. You just needed to open your mind - open your eyes - and be receptive to see.

By definition curiosity is “a strong desire to know or learn something”.

It’s simple. It’s straightforward. No decorations. No nonsense.

Do you know what happens when you open your mind to curiosity? When you start discovering the world around you through the eyes of your own child-like mind?

No filters

No judgment

No preconceptions

The entire world will look different. You build your personal mental strength through curiosity.

The world - the people - the places - the circumstances - remain the same. From the external perspective nothing has changed. The issues and struggles are the same. The goals you are determined to achieve remain unchanged. Your external environment seems constant.

Curiosity changes your internal world. The landscape within your mind. The way you encounter yourself … Hence the way you encounter the world around you.

Like with everything else in life, curiosity starts from within. It is not something that is solely directed towards the outside world. What if you started being more curious about your





Once you start paying a tiny bit of more attention to what happens within you … How do you think that would affect your level of curiosity towards your external world?

Food for thought. 

Waking up curiosity.

Going one step further. Do you think you will be able to 

Achieve more

Create better results

Make good decisions

Become more resilient

Perform at a higher level

Be mentally stronger

Create harmony

Be at peace

When your mind is open and you approach conflicts or perceived obstacles as if you were going for an adventure - starting a new experiment - you’ll be positively surprised by the rainbow of solutions.

You’ll be surprised by how much easier it feels to make decisions, to engage in conversations even with those that do not share your opinion and how much more joy you will be able to discover daily.

If Albert Einstein embraced curiosity and highlighted this single attribute as the key to his geniusness … We all have a lot to gain from allowing more curiosity into our existence.

Here’s are four simple steps to restart your curiosity.


Listening is a superpower whether it comes to your internal world or any external situation and interaction.

“In Silence we can hear the whispers of our Soul.” Deepak Chopra



Create an adventure.

Enjoy the world through curious eyes and thank you for reading.

Coach Paula

Paula is a High Performance and Business Coach specialized in helping Athletes, Entertainers and Entrepreneurs to perform better, get stronger and play longer. She uses a variety of methods and tools to build mental strength and resilience. Sprinkled with Joy. Check out the TIM This Is Me app for dancer confidence.


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