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The word Courage directly means "the ability to do something that frightens one" (Google search). Fear is something we all have, it is a part of being a human and its purpose is to keep us safe. We face fear every day in some shape or form ... we see a spider on the wall or we might fear other people's opinions.

Since fear is inevitable in everyone's life, we also practice courage on a daily basis.

courage does not mean that we are fearless

Rather, courage means that we keep going and do something in despite of fear.

We decide that moving forward is simply more important than surrendering to the feeling of fear ... you walk past the spider on the wall and keep walking or you follow your visions despite what others might think about your decision.


Before stepping on stage you might feel fear and anxiety, like your mind went goes blank or you might fear how the audience receives your performance on stage. Here are some tips to increase Courage when going on stage:

  • Take a deep breath - return to the present moment and calm your heart

  • Focus all your attention to how you want to serve your audience, what emotions and feelings you want to project to each person watching you

  • Remind yourself how grateful you are for this opportunity to serve and share your joy - this will automatically lift your energy to a higher level

  • You've rehearsed everything you are about to do on stage ... Simply ENJOY


Courage can also be extended to creating something new, like following your vision and making decisions about your future path not knowing how things will unfold or how people around you will react. The philosopher and psychotherapist Alfred Adler presented a theory that your past does not determine your future. It is in the present moment only that you can create change and determine your next steps. You learn from the past, but the present moment is the only moment when you can change patterns from the past that did not serve you.

It takes courage to change.

It takes courage to be creative.

If you want to read more on Alfred Adler's philosophy about courage and the present moment, please read the book "The Courage to be disliked" by Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi.


Are you ready to start a conversation on Your Courage?

One conversation has the opportunity to create changes for life.

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I hope you enjoy this blog. Please contact me with any comments or questions and please share with everyone around you!

Let's create more courage in this world.

Paula - Confidence Coach for Humans who Dance


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