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Importance of Values

Values are important personal anchors that hold you in place during all times - stormy or calm - and keep you grounded. The Google definition of Values says that "values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work". They are as unique and personal as you are and cannot be compared to another person's set of values. What are your values? What are things in your very own life that you hold so close inside your heart that you are not willing to compromize or bend?

When is the last time you consciously thought about or actually wrote down your values?

If you have not given a thought to your values in a while or not at all it might be hard to know where to start. There are so many values in this world, but how do you define the 5-10 ones that are specific to you?


Here are some tips to inspire you to define your set of values

It all starts by observing your daily life, as it is right now. Who do you spend most time with and why? What aspects and tendencies do you appreciate in the people around you? What brings you personally the most joy (not what you think others think you enjoy doing most)? What might be the underlying reason why you enjoy these things most - what do they give and how doing those things make you feel?

Sometimes listing things that you don't like help you see the things that you do like. What creates stress in your daily life? What could have the opposite effect?

The list of words that describe values is endless ... here are some examples to help you get started or inspired to define your values:











Take your time and remember that the list of values is dynamic

Write down all the values or priorities in your current life that come to mind and then narrow it down to the core 5-10 values. Over time some things might become more important than they are now, and the list changes a bit, which is totally fine. Life is dynamic and so is your list of values.

Have fun in the process of considering and defining your values. This is a useful list especially in times of big turmoil and changes, where you are asked to make decisions that will have a big impact in your life. Check your list. I would like to encourage you to follow your heart and your set of values as you navigate and move forward in life.

Thank you for reading!

Please get in touch with me if you would like to dive deeper into finding and defining your values and how to use this and many other tools in your daily life.

Love, Paula

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