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Spring as the Beginning

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere! For most people this means new beginnings, rebirth, returning colors and often also new opportunities and visions starting to take form. What does Spring mean to you?

All the hopeful and positive aspects of this time of the year can directly translate to our own personal lives. It could be seen as a rebirth of an aspect in your life that might need a bit of adjusting. What is one thing in your life that you feel like you would like to change or adjust? If you feel overwhelmed with this question and think there are too many things you'd like to adjust or your mind goes blank and you just can't think of anything specific ... thy this.

How to start making little changes?

Start by visualizing how you would like to feel three months from now (of course you can pick another time frame as well). That feeling is your base for making changes. A short visualization guide is at the bottom of this blog.

Once you know how you want to feel at a certain time, write down or make mental notes of what in your current life practice helps you feel like that or something you perhaps once tried and it felt good. Start doing more of what makes you feel good ... more of what you just recognized as helping you get to your vision or goal. This might be something really small, like rolling your spine before each dance class, making a point to listen to some uplifting music you like or getting up 5 minutes earlier each morning to have some quiet time for yourself.

You might have written down more than one thing that makes you feel like you want to feel in your visualization. In the beginning just concentrate on one or two things that you want to enhance. It's just easier and you won't feel overwhelmed.

Keep up with your new practice ... don't give up. Consistency is key in making changes. Little by little you'll notice how these new habits become part of your daily practice. You are one step closer to your vision and goal, feeling better. It just might be that you'll start to notice other things in your life or around you seemingly fall into place, also helping you towards your vision. Like pieces of a puzzle. Enjoy the journey!


Visulatization is "the practice of imagining what you want to achieve in the future" (from Google). It is a simple and effective practice to keep your focus on what you want in life.

  • Find a place where you can be undisturbed and calm

  • Close your eyes

  • Imagine yourself in a safe comfortable place (either a place from real life or something you imagine)

  • As you look around you spot a group of people to your left

  • You slowly walk over and realize you are looking at yourself together with others exactly three months from today and you are having a good time ... what is it that you are doing?

  • Step into the crowd and you become one with yourself in this crowd ... you feel the feelings, smell the scents, feel the touch of your clothes, see the beautiful surroundings and people, taste the air, hear all the sounds around you

  • Taking in all and every sense and all the feelings from that very moment (don't leave anything out) ... this is what you are feeling in three months, this is your vision and goal

  • Enjoy the moment

  • Slowly step away from the crowd, leaving your future self behind, he/she is smiling at you as you step further away

  • Taking a deep breathe in and out, blink your eyes open, taking with you the feeling from that beautiful moment in your future

  • Journal or make mental notes of this experience and repeat as often as you like

Thank you!

Love, Paula

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