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Train Your Mind & Boost Confidence

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Dancers are athletes, who are not only capable of moving their bodies in jaw dropping ways, but also project and portrait feelings and strong emotions through the movement of their body. This is achieved through years of hard training and repetition. That physical training never stops. But what about your mind? Do you exercise your mind in the same rigorous way, preparing yourself to be the best possible version of yourself every day?



If the answer to that question is no. I'll ask you why not? Many top level athletes work on their mental power and raising their level of confidence daily. Because they know that at the highest level of their sport everyone is good and technical differences in the execution of their sport are small. The differences come from the ability to keep moving despite small mistakes, believing in one self and knowing who you are deep within. The strongest mind wins. And even losing will not stop a strong minded athlete from trying again.

Dancers are athletes that touch people's hearts. Mental training is important and ideally a central part of every dancer's daily routine, just like a warm up. Here's one simple daily task that will strengthen your daily training:



  1. Take one big deep breath (close your eyes if possible)

  2. Remind yourself of one single thing you are grateful for right now, in this very moment Just one thing, big or small, meaningful or not such a big deal.

  3. Hold on to the feeling that rises within you as you practice this little moment of gratitude.


That's it. Gratitude is one of the main components of raising your self confidence. I challenge you to try this small practice consistently for at least one week. Repeat as many times per day as you remember and feel like it.

Mental strength is like a muscle that needs to be trained consistently in order to build this muscle up or retain the strength at a certain level. You perform at your very best if all muscles are being trained in a healthy and consistent manner. Are you training your mind like you are your body?

Let me know how I can assist you on YOUR #thisisme #confidence #journey

Paula Naeff

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