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Balancing Life in Leadership

It’s the topic of the hour. It’s on everyone’s mind, blog posts, articles. Everywhere. It’s what we all long for, yet most of us aren’t able to really define. Something absolutely natural, yet so difficult to reach.

So, what is it?


Specifically … The notorious Work-Life Balance.

Have you heard of it? I bet you have.

Everything in our surrounding nature has a balance. If left untouched by us, humans. Predators make sure other animals don’t take over everything and these animals in turn make sure the vegetation stays under control.

Balance is dynamic.

It’s always in motion. Always moving.

I’d like to suggest that there are two ways to look at this topic. Two different points of view and perspectives. Two ways to define what work-life balance actually means.

The traditional way explains this intricate balance as time spent at work vs. time spent outside of work. Makes sense. But how does this work when you

Commute daily

Work from home

Have more than one job

Build a business on the side

Can work-life balance have equal weights on both sides?

What does it mean to have this balance?

Is equilibrium the goal?


Finding a balance is the responsibility of each human for themselves. Nobody can create this type of movement or make decisions for anyone else.

So, this balance is the responsibility of each individual. What this type of work-life balance looks like is absolutely unique. No copying possible.

This is the tricky part.

You have to be clear on your what your balance looks like

You have to be clear on your why your balance looks that way

Clarity is key. Simple yet not necessarily easy.

It requires the desire to live a balanced life and readiness to take action and keep going. It requires resilience and willpower.

It’s absolutely possible.

The second perspective has many of the same elements as the traditional view on work-life balance. Balance is the goal. The moving target.


What if work was seen as a part of life?

What if you looked at everything as a whole?

What if it was a matter of finding and living a Life Balance?

Work is a part of life. Not separate from it. A person remains the same one person regardless of the environment they are in, the tasks they are doing or the responsibilities they have.

One human.

A teacher is the same person in the classroom as they are inside their home.

A CEO is the same human being in a boardroom or when walking their dog.

You get the point.

Since you cannot take yourself apart into two separate beings - the one at work and the one outside of work - how could you really take these two environments and separate them completely?

This might seem controversial. But is it really?

Regardless of how much you might try to separate your work life from your not-work life, they are inherently connected. By you. Your energy, values, attitude, level of contentment, your daily mood, integrity, resilience … everything.

The flow of your thoughts continue at your pace even when you pass through the doors to your office or enter a forest. Your thoughts have no walls. Your mind has no walls.

There’s a famous quote from Martha Beck:

How you do anything is how you do everything.”

This is ultimately the reason you cannot completely separate one part of your life from any other part. They are all one. They are all you.

How do you balance your life?


Paula is a Leadership and Performance Coach, professional speaker and presenter. She serves powerfully and passionately, challenging leaders with questions nobody else dares to ask. Facilitating insights.

I'd like to invite you for a simple and short chat. That's how we start. Here's the link to book a time. See you soon.

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