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Keep it Simple - Leadership in 2024

Happy New Year - 2024 is here! 

And here we go again … the days are filled with promise and a wonderful feeling, the massive collective positive energy that spreads through the world as one year changes into the new one. It’s a magnificent energy. It could be called magical.

I feel it. 

Do you?

After a few days “reality” usually pops its head. The energy is lower and our focus becomes more scattered. We all start moving into our individual directions and some of that magic is lost.

Do you feel the same?

We start to doubt our good wishes and the promises - big or small - that we made within ourselves and with the outside world. The wrapping paper around the new year’s intentions, resolutions and visions start to peel off.

Little by little.

If we allow this momentum - the usual course of events - to keep moving and picking up speed.

If we do not offer options

If we do not choose a different path 

If we do not allow another chain of events to start

That, what happened last year, the previous year, the year before that, will repeat itself. The vision will be blurred. We succumb to “this is how it’s always been” and have a hard time finding moments of joy, creating success beyond thought.


What if there was a way to change the course of action.

What if there was a way to stop the repetition.

What if there was a way to retain the clarity of the vision - the intentions - the focus.

The magic lies in three words.
Three concepts that can guide 

Your Community

Your Team

Your Life

Your Business

Your Organization

In the process of retaining and maintaining the Collective Energy, that magnificent pull towards a common goal and common visions.

The goal is to keep this very momentum from the early days of this new year alive and moving forward. The aim is to move past the resistance and comfort of reverting to the usual pattern - the usual chain of events. Conflicts, miscommunication, stress, burnout. The challenge is to find the level of resilience needed within yourself and those around you, so you do not give in and accept the doubt that pours over your mind.

So what are the three guiding words?


That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

SIMPLE - the word alone says it all.

Keep it simple. ‘It’ being everything in life and in business, leadership and decision making. Overwhelm comes from having too many thoughts, spending too much energy on a particular subject or idea. The solution is simple. Clear your mind - clear the table - and focus on the absolute essentials. No decoration. It works within one’s own mind and as a collective, as a team of humans.

Simple Leadership Tip: Clear your own mind first and introduce curiosity - then guide your team / your humans towards a simpler way of looking at the situation or circumstance at hand. 

SMOOTH - goes hand in hand with simple.

Once the decorations, the extra thoughts, have been cleared the trick is becoming aware of the tendency to make things complicated again. The decoration and complexity tends to find its way back in. Smooth sailing means being aware of your surroundings, the weather, focus, other humans, state of mind and having the ability to reflect and respond at the same time.

Simple Leadership Tip: Listen more than you speak. This is the most effective way to gain the necessary distance for greater awareness and recognizing ‘decorations’ that might start forming again.

STREAMLINED - this is what follows when you’re simply smooth sailing.

What simplifying thoughts and processes and the smooth ride create is a state of flow. This is when clarity and focus are high and at a sustainable level, synergies become apparent and efficiencies are created.

Energy is positive and people experience a healthy level of stress where balancing becomes easier.

Simple Leadership Tip: Start with your own self. Focus on streamlining your personal approach and attitude towards a healthy balance. Reflect and brainstorm on the concept of streamlining activities and ideas with your team on a regular basis. 

I invite you to consider the three words and their implications to your life, your team, your family, your business. Keep them on your mind, share them with those around you. Use them daily.

The danger is that the words remain words.

It’s up to you and me - us - to take action and create the discipline to make this year different. Drop “it’s always been this way” and keep the energy high, focused and clear.

Simple, smooth and streamlined.

Enjoy the ride and let me know how you get along with implementing the three words.


Guidance is golden.

I can be your guide in implementing Simple, Smooth and Streamlined thoughts, processes and actions in your life, your team, your organization. Let’s chat.

I am extraordinary at what I do, so you can be extraordinary at what you do.

When do you want to start?


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