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Humans who Dance

I am a dancer.

I love expressing myself through movement and find deep satisfaction in moving to beautiful music that inspires me to even higher levels of energy and joy.

What makes someone a dancer? Is a dance education required for the "title" of a dancer? Or is a dancer someone, who finds movement as their personal way of expressing their emotions, thoughts, ideas and feelings?

For a long time I felt embarrassed calling myself a dancer because of my body shape. I do not, and never did, look like a classical ballet dancer. I felt like I needed to explain to people that I am really a brilliant dancer and that I also had the right to enjoy this art form. I thought that people would judge me and not take me seriously if I did not give this explanation that actually all body types could be dancers.

Being a dancer did not and does not depend on your body shape.

A Dancer HAS an internal need to move and dance and express themselves through movement.

It took some (a lot of) internal work and shifting of mindset and perspectives, and also realizing and fully accepting the fact that I do not have control over others' thoughts and possible judgements.

I do not know how someone will react to my actions and words. yet, this will not stop me from being who I am and showing up authentically.

This means - among many other things - showing up as a dancer, mother, coach, business owner, creator, motivator, blogger ... and everything else that I am at this point in my life and letting myself shine fully, without holding anything back.

Are you a Human who Dances?

What feelings does dancing create inside your heart, mind and body when you move? Recognizing and allowing those exact feelings motivate you to a higher level of confidence will increase your joy and happiness. Enjoy the journey!

I would like to kindly invite you to join me and other Humans who Dance in the newly created Facebook group with the name "Humans who Dance", which is a simple platform and a meeting place for all humans, who love to move their body.



Your Coach - Humans who Dance

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