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Mental Clarity - Cultivating Inner Peace and Clarity to Improve Decision Making

Absolute Clarity

Just to set the stage. Let’s be clear.

Mental Clarity is a state of mind where you feel absolutely clutter-free, totally focused. Your perception is clear and there’s a sense of inner peace. I would even go so far as to say Mental Clarity is a state of being. Something that affects every aspect of your life at any given moment.

Your feelings
Your thinking
Your actions

We all make decisions multiple times every single day. Most of these decisions are not life altering ones - luckily - but some are more meaningful than others. And, some decisions have the potential to alter not only your life, but will impact many other lives.

Parents make decisions that significantly affect the entire family, such as moving to a new place. In the world of work CEOs, executives and leaders face such far reaching decisions more often than most other people.

That’s where the ability to make good decisions becomes even more crucial.

Good decision making requires mental clarity.

It’s as simple as that. Let’s explore the idea of mental clarity in connection with decision making and what helps in creating clarity. This is especially important as it looks like overwhelm and burnout are reaching an all time high. Let’s clear some clutter.

Mental Clarity might mean something different to each human being; it feels different to you than it does to me. However certain aspects are kind of similar. There’s

More Joy
Less Stress
Inner Peace
Sense of Ease

The ‘benefits’ of a clear mind are endless. Just remind yourself of a time in your life when you felt like your mind was absolutely clear.

No cloud in the sky

No doubt in your mind

Nothing could distract you

A moment of absolute clarity

When you are facing a big and meaningful decision, it is imperative that you can effectively clear your mind. That you can return to such a moment of clarity, know what you need to know to make an educated decision, but also have such a place of clarity within your own mind, body and soul that allows you to listen to your innate wisdom. Clear, calm and peaceful.

At this point you might be asking, how you can get to this place Mental Clarity. Here are a few suggestions to explore:


The answer is already within your own mind and body.

Remind yourself of having experienced such clarity on multiple occasions throughout your life. Let your brain know that you already know what to do. Listen and trust your intuition.


Calm your mind and body with a breath.

At any given moment, when it seems like everything is just going too fast, stop for a moment and take a breath - one is enough. This will increase your mind-body connection and help you see the situation from a place of more clarity. If this happens when you’re with your team, family or any group of people, you can all stop and simply breathe for a few seconds - eyes closed. That’s it. The effect on your state of clarity is visible and almost tangible.


Write down everything that is going on in your mind.


Dump it on a piece of paper or a journal. No rules and no right or wrong. This creates distance to your thoughts and allows you to see the clutter from further away. A different perspective.

There are multiple other ways as well, which include meditation, physical movement and visualization.

Keep it simple.

The goal of any above-mentioned technique or method is to have a clear mind, so you can make well thought out decisions aligned with your vision, the goals you’ve set, the people involved and especially your core values.

Clarity and simplicity go hand in hand.

We are all capable of achieving a level of mental clarity, which stretches far beyond our inner world and into the physical world. These are the moments, where you feel a total mind-body connection, a harmony between your inner wisdom and the level of mindfulness you experience with the outside world.

Keep clearing your mind.

I would like to encourage you to create your own personal ‘mental clarity practice’, some routines that feel good and help you resist distractions and keep the clutter out of your mind, body and soul - out of your system. So, any decision you make - big or small, with far reaching implications or not - has a foundation of Clarity. You can stand behind the decisions you make with absolute certainty and trust that they were made from a place of alignment and innate wisdom.

Simple and clear.

Have a joyful day!



Paula is a Leadership and Performance Coach, Speaker and on a mission of Joy, Clarity and Simplicity. She is a Life and Business Coach, mother, dog and fish owner, dancer and so much more.

If you'd like to create more clarity for yourself or your business and team, please connect.

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