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In the Eye of the Storm - Clarity for Decision Making when Things go Crazy

The center of a Hurricane is the calmest part of this massive storm. The winds are light, skies are almost clear and the air is calm. This peaceful oasis exists smack in the middle of a hugely destructive and what seems like a chaotic storm.

This happens because “the now strong surface winds that converge towards the center never reach it” (University of Illinois - WW 2010).

It is clear

It is peaceful

It is calm

It’s almost like there is an invisible force in the middle - in the eye - that the winds and the raging storm cannot penetrate.

What happens in nature is transferable to our human lives and absolutely relevant to the process of decision making in the middle of seemingly chaotic and stormy circumstances. We make decisions all the time, mostly not even noticing them. However situations and circumstances arise that have the potential to throw us off, out of our current balance or the harmony we have created for that moment.

As a matter of fact we all just experienced such a raging storm in our world three years ago. This storm was called Covid-19. Something happened that turned our lives upside down, a massive hurricane with much destruction and chaos, with no end in sight.

Decisions had to be made - on all levels of society. There was little time to evaluate and analyze in depth. Something had to be done. Decisions made. And there was no previous experience of anything similar in today’s world that could have been used as a reference.

A seemingly chaotic situation.

This article is not here to analyze or judge any decisions made in the beginning or during the Covid-19 Hurricane. It is an example of a chaotic situation that we can all relate to. An example of our adaptability in turmoil, our attempts to find clarity in chaos.

Similar storms develop in businesses and our lives all the time, only on a much smaller scale. Executives and leaders are facing such storm clouds on a regular basis.

How on earth do you then make sound decisions in such a chaos?

How do you create the eye of the storm for yourself?

The key is Clarity.
And Clarity comes from within.

When the storm arrives, whether it was foreseen or it hits you by surprise, it is easy to get sucked into the raging winds and make hasty conclusions, assumptions and decisions that end up causing more harm than good.

Even when the pressure is on (or perhaps especially when the pressure is on) it seems counterintuitive

to step back

to reflect

to pause

The first impulse might be to react immediately, make a decision right away. But what if, instead you

Take a breath

Clear your mind

Create the eye of the storm

Because hasty decisions that come out of clutter and chaos have long lasting consequences that might have a large negative impact.

It is always ok and even beneficial to create some distance to the circumstances and even the other people around you, when a new storm arrives. Once you remove yourself from the situation - in your mind, in your soul - you are better able to see the entire situation from a wider perspective. Like an observer.

Observing is power.

Imagine yourself inside a hurricane, a massive storm that stretches immense distances. Then imagine yourself looking at the same storm from a satellite image, from above.

Which image seems more calm, peaceful and clear?

Which image shows you the eye of the storm?

The same happens when you observe a chaotic circumstance that has emerged around you. You can see what’s under your control and what not. You can see connections between different elements of the storm. You can see some of the gaps that need to be filled.

Step out in order to step back in

Once you’ve stepped outside, taken some breaths and looked at the circumstances from an observer’s perspective, you can step back in. Into the eye of the storm, which you are now able to locate because you’ve seen where it is, and what’s needed for you to get there.

You have cleared your view.

It becomes simpler to make a decision, lead by example, find your inner wisdom … to take the first step.

Paula Naeff


Paula is a simplistic executive leadership coach and a professional speaker. She patiently guides leaders to find their personal power and wisdom from within. She uses the principles of thought, consciousness and mind, and creates room for insights.

Her leadership style is simple and clear, with sprinkles of joy.

Paula is passionate about creating more joy and peace of mind, preventing burnout and depression. She is a mother, doggy owner and dancer.

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